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Battle it out with other Love Monster NFTs that poses incredible strengths and unique abilities.



16% APR







Love Monsters

When you purchase a Love Monster NFT, you own much more than just a standard NFT that grants you proof of ownership of a collectable item.
Unlike traditional gaming, where the game company owns all of the in-game avatars and skins, with a Love Monster, all of the time and hard work that goes into levelling up your monsters are now yours so you can sell them for real money on the marketplace.


Own, Build & Earn on your Land Plots.

Want to get ahead of the curve then why not pick up a land plot. You can generate Stone from the Quarry, Wood from the Forest, and Myacron from the mine plots. All of these resources can be sold to other players within our ecosystem. 

Just want to build in the Monsterverse then maybe Love Land is the perfect plot for you. 


Built on Klever.

When it comes to blockchain, you need experts. Working hand in hand with Klever as part of their KleverLabs program. One of the leading names in the industry, Klever, is our official Blockchain partner. We are enabling a seamless experience for players and investors to play, collect and earn money. The Love Monster Token (LMT) was created on the Kleverchain and is now available in the Klever wallet.

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A Monsterverse of possibilities

Customize your monster’s attributes through the DNA and Genesis systems to create the perfect squad. 

Earn Tokens

Earn Love Monster Tokens (LMT) with our Play 2 Earn business model and also by Staking your tokens within the Klever wallet at 16% APR.

Battle Arena

Battle it out with your friends or random matchmaking 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 battles, play for free or up the ante in ‘Ruthless’ to play for Love Monster Tokens.

Land Plots

There are four different types of land; Love Land, Quarry, Forest and Mine. Resources from your plots can be sold and traded on the Marketplace.


Own more than 2 Love Monster NFTs? You can breed your monsters for 30, 60 or 90 days to create new Monsters.


Buy and Sell Love Monsters, Land, Resources and Items you unlock within the game on the Monster Marketplace.

Craft Potions

Upgrade the Alchemy lab to craft mystic potions giving your Love Monster the edge in the battle arena.


The Next Generation in Blockchain & Metaverse Gaming.


“It’s exciting to get in on a community of NFT’s that are so unique and have their own gaming culture and community”

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