Find below a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What is $LMT

Love Monster Token?

Love Monster Token (LMT) is a utility coin used as our in-game currency and for our ecosystem. 

These tokens aren’t just ordinary in-game currency with no real-world value. LMT is a cryptocurrency built on the Kleverchain that can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, staked so the token holder can earn up to 16% APR, traded on exchanges and more.

What is


At its core Klever app is a simple, powerful, smart, and secure multi-crypto wallet.

Klever Finance is a trusted permissioned blockchain network for the emerging decentralized economy, discover more here.

How do i

Swap my Token?

If you hold any of the classic tokens we created on the XRPL, you will be able to swap these for our new token ($LMT) directly within the Klever app. We are building a swap, and you will receive the exact equivalent value in the new token.
So, for example, if you previously had 1 xLoveMonster token, which was enough to mint 1 Love Monster NFT, you will receive an equal amount in LMT.

Moving to klever

Do I now have to own KLV not XRP?

Not at all; the Love Monster Token is built on Kleverchain previously, we were on XRPL, but the token you held was (XLOVEMONSTER), not XRP. Nothing has changed; you will swap your classic tokens for our new token, LMT. 


Classic Tokens?

Yes, you can sell these at any point on the DEX; however, we strongly advise you to delist your tokens and wait until you can swap the classic token for the new token, LMT.

There will be an in-game reward for any holders of the xLoveMonster token when we launch the game.


Move to Klever?

We have officially partnered with Klever to benefit the holders and our games ecosystem. These are some of the benefits and reasons as to why we moved.

  • Team of Blockchain Developers.
  • Accessing the core team at Klever.
  • Direct communications & access to Kleverchain tech.
  • Scalability, Speed, Security and Efficiency.
  • Staking capabilities for token holders.
  • Minting your NFTs.
  • Exposure to the Klever Community.
  • Working hand in hand with Klever allows us to adapt responsively to an ever-changing gaming and blockchain industry.