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Love Monster NFT has recently hit an exciting milestone becoming the first-ever NASDAQ approved company to be featured on the largest NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, New York. Quickly gaining popularity amongst the NFT community, Love Monster has reached an evaluation of over $50 million in less than three months.

With 174 million people entering Time Square annually, Love Monsters iconic hand crafted characters displayed on the vast billboard is just one of many exciting achievements by the team in a short amount of time. NFT’s  are creating waves across the world’s social media, with celebrities posting about their favorite digital assets daily. Love Monster has taken this one step further, developing a metaverse for the Love Monster NFT community, distinguishing them from others in the industry. Centered around the Love Monster character family, the game takes place in a metaverse called Monster Planet which will provide a play-to-earn environment for NFT and crypto collectors to enjoy. 

In the Love Monster ecosystem, NFT holders will be able to personalize their individual characters and engage in battle with other players. As well as playing a wide variety of open-world adventure games and owning plots of land. If you’re fortunate enough to purchase a plot of land, you can yield a considerable daily ROI from daily resources produced on this. A variety of resources can be utilized to develop the plots and build your real-estate empire. In addition to this, it can be sold on the open marketplace to other players wanting to expand their homesteads. There will be the option to construct anything from a modest home or full-blown Monster Mansion to a restaurant for regaining energy and health, and even real-world billboard advertisements. 

With Love Monster becoming the next generation in metaverse gaming, players will be transported to a unique, adventurous world where they can interact with their Love Monsters. There are further exciting developments coming from the team shortly here at Love Monster, keep your eyes peeled for where the Monsters may show up next. Time square first, where next…

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September 2023