Love Monster

A Love Monster NFT is your gateway to our Metaverse and doubles as your in-game avatar. Unlike traditional gaming, where the game company owns all of the in-game avatars and skins, with a Love Monster, all of the hard work that goes into levelling up your avatars is now yours.

Love Monster

More than just a .Jpeg

Each Love Monster grants the owner bonus points within the monster battleground. Owners can add points to the following fields; Power, Accuracy, Defense, Love Streak, Speed and Health.

These unique attributes allow full customization over your Love Monster. For example, upgrade power to deal more damage in your standard attacks. The choice is yours. Love Monster is “more than just a .jpeg”. Collectors can own, breed, build, earn & play. By holding a Love Monster, you obtain privileges in the gaming arena, ready to battle it out with other owners & collectors from all around the world.

Challenge other players in various game modes ranging from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 battles, Love Monster Tournaments, Arcade games and exploring the uncharted Metaverse known as Monsterverse with daily in-game cash rewards and unlockable items.

Each battle you participate in increases your Love Monster’s levels and ranking to perfect your Monster. In addition, each of your Love Monsters will have energy and health stats, so do not forget to make sure you take good care of your Love Monster, as you never know when you will need to jump into the battle arena!

Entering the

Battle Arena