Our Company

Excellent Teams Make Great Games.

Maverick Metalabs is a games company based in London, England. With over twelve years in the industry and several #1 Apps under our belt. Our vision is to create great innovative games for people to continue playing for years to come.

Our mission


Comes First.

We work to create new, innovative, memorable experiences no one has played before through blockchain gaming. This is why we develop games that excite a diverse audience of player communities. We are constantly creating lovable worlds and characters that players can engage and fall in love with, making them want to come back repeatedly.


Clients & Partners

In our career we have had the great Privelige to work and partner with some of the largest companies & corporations in the world.


Creating Experiences for Millions of users worldwide.

We are good at a few things: ideas, developing innovative & addictive mobile games and taking them to market. As a result, we have released several #1 worldwide apps on the App Store & Google Marketplace, with millions of engaging daily users across all global markets.