We’ve been hard at work this week addressing the bugs in Love Monster: Arena of Legends, and we have some exciting updates to share with you. Here’s a list of the items we’ve fixed and are currently testing internally, alongside a private testing group. 

We’ve created a channel as a pre-production testing ground for new updates, which allows us to ensure the highest quality in our deliverables.

Our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our players has led us to adopt a new approach. We believe in enhancing the quality of everything we do. Therefore, we’re now testing all changes, additions, and bug fixes on a separate server known as the staging server. Only after thorough testing and confirmation that everything is functioning as intended will we deploy these changes to the main server. Once we’ve completed testing and received the green light from our internal and external testing groups, we will release the updated version across the app stores. We appreciate your patience and support as we work diligently to improve Love Monster: Arena of Legends and provide you with an even better gaming experience.

Here is whats new

Once selected for battle, monsters are no longer part of the Staking feature. The battle’s health bar dynamically updates to reflect damage and healing values.

Selecting active monsters no longer causes the game to freeze. Monster experience within the game is now completely independent of the dashboard. Players will no longer receive in-game rewards upon levelling up via the dashboard. Once a player has been added, sending additional friend requests is not possible. The chat scrollbar now functions as expected. Experience points are now updating accurately. Chat conversations will no longer mysteriously disappear. Monsters now recover Stamina at the correct rate. Skill items now provide more detailed information about the associated skills. The “Dummy Battle” is now referred to as “Training.” The exit button during battles is now more prominently visible. DNA application now occurs instantly. Stamina, experience, DNA points, and selected skill information updates correctly on all screens as they are modified. Bugs related to monsters not loading have been resolved.